Exercise, you all know the word, you all know what it means, however what exercises should you be doing to achieve your dream body?  If you are not sure then this is where I can help you.

I have been into exercise all my life.  From as young as I can remember I was always playing football, riding my bike, playing tennis, you name it I have probably given it a go.  Then came the gym, I’ll be honest I struggled to enjoy or understand it at first.  I was a bit bewildered by it all, so many machines, what do they all do, how do I use them?  These are common feelings when you enter a gym for the very first time.

It’s like running your first 110m hurdles race.  The start line is you signing up at the gym.  You feel motivated and inspired, then comes the first hurdle, entering the gym.  You feel like you can’t jump it, you can see the finish line in the distance but it seems a very long way away and you are not sure if you are going to get there.  With my help I will get you to the finish line. Whether it is to lose body fat, gain muscle, compete in your first ever run or just generally feel better about yourself then Masterplan Fitness can make it happen for you.

Get in touch today to book your free 30 minute taster session.  Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.