When I got in contact with Ian my only focus was to lose some weight (mainly from my stomach). I have in the last 4 years been an occasional visitor to various gyms but always just got on the bike or cross trainer.

Since using Ian as my PT I truly believe that those 4 years have been wasted. Ian has taught me the importance of not just sticking to a basic set routine.

I now have complete confidence using all the equipment, even the free weights, which I always thought were just for people with good muscles already.

I now understand it is important to also build up your muscle mass which assists with fat loss.

Ian so far has provided me with 4 personalised workout plans, which I am proud to say I have stuck with. Not only has Ian been superb on the fitness front but he has given me excellent advice on the nutritional side as well.

Ian has given me a completely different outlook on what I should eat and when I should eat it, some suggestions seem very basic but have proved effective.

During our training sessions he always gives me the encouragement to get that extra 5% out of me that makes the difference.

I am absolutely certain that I will now forever continue with this routine of exercise, training & healthy eating/drinking.

I have just started my 2nd set of 10 bookings with Ian and cannot recommend him highly enough.