Client A – 6 week transformation

When I started at the gym I had little knowledge on how to use the majority of the machines or where to start with weights. For roughly a year I was doing the same thing each time I went, only going on machines I knew how to use, meaning I was seeing very little progress. That was when my friend and I approached Ian for some advice and got introduced to the six week transformation programme. It was definitely the best decision we could have made! Ian not only showed ushow to use the machines but what exact weights we should be using and how to calculate macros in order to see the fastest progression.

Looking back it has been more than just a transformation programme to lose weight. We are now both knowledgeable on what foods we should be eating, how to use every part of the gym and how to vary our workouts! Can not thank Ian enough for providing us with the support and help that we needed! Ian even provided advice on how to build muscle around weaker joints that I had problems with in the past. Would highly recommend this programme for anyone who would like a supportive and encouraging environment for getting a kick-start into fitness.