If anyone is looking for a personal trainer in or around Hemel I have no hesitation in recommending Ian Desmond from Masterplan Fitness.

I have been working with Ian for the last 8 weeks to get me fitter, lose weight and build muscle mass all of which I am achieving. Ian will tailor your programme based on your goals and lifestyle. He helps with nutrition and makes sure every session is different whether it be in the gym or outside, weather permitting.

Masterplan Fitness is based out of The Gym on Jarman Park which is one of the cheapest gyms in Hemel.

He has flexible times for sessions (early mornings right through to evening appointments).

Ian knows his stuff and pushes you to real go past where you thought your limits are. No pain, no gain as they say.

The only downside is I have had to jot out a whole new wardrobe from the weight loss 🙂

Seriously though, if your contemplating taking the jump and getting fit, lose weight or get ripped ready for next summer then give Ian a shout.