“New Year, New Start” – isn’t this what everyone says after Christmas? I know I did! I joined the gym in Jan 2017 and went to every class I could possibly fit in. I had gym buddies and we went every week. Work starts getting in the way though and you find the classes start to dwindle away. I made the decision to get myself a personal trainer which is where Ian came in.

I signed up with a gym buddy and loved the 8 weeks we signed up for – so much so I signed up for individual 1 on 1 with him and have been ever since.

He helped me build up my confidence and pushed me to my limits! I loved the push and could really see a difference to the starting weights and the weights I am lifting now. Ian hasn’t only pushed me to gym 4 times a week (2 with him) but has also massively helped me build up my confidence.

On the 6 week challenge I really started to see a difference in my body shape – it showed on my first weigh in. I was amazed at how much I had changed in 3 weeks. I was so happy it gave me the drive to carry on working my butt off! Week 4 I became ill with a throat infection which has unfortunately haunted me now 3 times in the space of 6 weeks so my weight has managed to creep back up.

I started back with Ian 2 weeks ago and soldiered through to my weigh in this morning – I had lost the weight that I had gained and have managed to build up muscle again. I’m so happy with everything Ian has helped me with that I’m continuously signing up with him every time my weeks are up!

I’m a bridesmaid next year and Ian knows what my limits are so is pushing me to reach my goal – which I know I can do with his help.

I would recommend signing up if you want to see a difference not only in your shape but in your confidence too. Gone are the days where I wouldn’t try the machines in case I looked silly trying to work it out! I’ll happily go in with a pair of headphones on and do my plan!

Masterplan Fitness is the way forward for me!