Good carbs vs bad carbs

Carbs sometimes get a bad name which is not quite fair.  The thing is there are good carbs, but there are also bad carbs.  I will explain the differences between the two.

Bad Carbs, also known as Simple/Refined Carbohydrates, are quick to digest meaning you will feel hungry sooner.  They also provide you with little energy, they are low in fibre and they’ve have been refined resulting in more sugar and calories.  They are also stored as fat which results in gaining body fat.

Examples of bad carbs:

White Bread, White Rice, White Pasta, Potatoes, Cakes & Soft Drinks

Good Carbs, also known as Complex/Unrefined Carbohydrates, are slower to digest meaning you will feel fuller for longer.  They prolong energy, they are high in fibre and they haven’t been refined so they contain natural sugar.  They help in reducing body fat.

Examples of good carbs:

Wholemeal Bread, Wholemeal Rice, Wholemeal Pasta, Most Fruits & Green Vegetables.

So as you can see carbs are great as long as you are choosing good carbs over bad carbs!