I like to talk about things instead of bottling them up which is why I have written this blog on anxiety.  Until recently I never thought about anxiety like I do now.  I knew about it, but I didn’t look to understand it or have to deal with it.  Of course we all get anxious from time to time but I am talking about when it takes control of you, when it fully absorbs your mind and your body.  Your brain is forever thinking of a million things, the simplest of jobs stresses you out, you shut yourself away from friends and family, you get chest pains, you are forever feeling nervous, exhausted and restless.  The list is endless.  This is how I have been feeling recently and this is all very new to me.  The only time when I am fully free of this is when I am at The Gym, either training clients/teaching classes or working out myself.  There is a reason for this which I will explain to you now.

A known reason for suffering with anxiety is unused energy.  Our bodies are not designed to be idle, they are meant for moving.  When we don’t move it can create tension which can lead to anxiety, which in turn can lead to stress.  Of course there are many that suffer with anxiety who are not idle, they may be either genetically prone to anxiety or have had experiences which have brought on their anxiety.  Either way you should look to exercise to at least relieve that feeling, if only for an hour or two.  Exercise releases chemicals into your body called endorphins.  These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that help reduce your perception of pain.  They also trigger a positive feeling into the body, not to dissimilar to morphine.  This is the exact reason why I feel positive and great when I am at the gym.

However you go about getting regular exercise into your life is a good thing.  If you enjoy walking or cycling then get yourself outside and go exploring.  Likewise if you love being in water then get your swimming gear on and head to your local swimming pool or even the seaside.  If team sports is your thing then dust off your Puma Kings and join a football team, or whatever team sport does it for you.  It literally can be anything, just as long as you are moving and releasing the endorphins into your body you will start to feel good about yourself.

Now of course I know exercise is not going to cure anxiety 100% but it can go a very long way in helping with it.  So the next time you feel anxious remember that you don’t have to just let it take over you, you can help to fight it with exercise.  I know I plan to.  Thanks for reading.