Carrie – 6 week transformation

After getting hooked on the gym I got into really good shape a few years ago. As a result of various personal reasons I lost my way and got stuck in a rut of emotional eating and cardio overdrive. I lost a lot of my muscle and my body fat was increasing. That's when I went to Ian and he offered his help to get me back on track. When he said to ditch the cardio and eat more carbs & fat I was sceptical! 😳 The first 3 weeks the exercise rut was easy to break and I did HIIT and weights only. Food was harder to change and as a result I made no progress with my results by the mid check in. So after a slight telling off I tracked my macros for the last 2 weeks and that's when I really noticed the difference. I feel leaner and the results speak for themselves. Ian kept me motivated and constantly reassured me to trust the science and believe me...