I got to an age where the weight just wasn’t going to budge.  No sooner had I lost a few pounds then it came back on again with another pound added.  I had resigned myself to thinking that this was just how it was – hello to being over 60! Well Ian changed all that with his vast knowledge of nutrition and fitness training.  He is patient and encouraging, urging me just enough so that I could achieve my goals.  I did reach my goals, losing ½ stone in 6 weeks, lowing my metabolic age from 67 to 62 and finding that my clothes fit me better.  Looking Good! The first 3 weeks didn’t see much change; I was convinced that the number of daily calories that Ian had set me was too high.  I also had trouble eating enough protein (I don’t eat much meat) but Ian encouraged me to continue and the change in my body suddenly kicked in! I now have the confidence to continue to train in the gym using many of the fitness machines and I shall also keep to the nutritional advice Ian gave me.  It is also ok to have the odd day where you exceed your calorie intake – you just need to cut down a bit the following day. I will definitely see Ian again for ad-hoc training sessions and weight in.  If you want to lose weight, gain confidence in how you look and improve your fitness and energy levels then I can wholly recommend Ian. After my last session with Ian I got on the treadmill and ran for 10 minutes without stopping.  That might not seem very long but 6 weeks ago I struggled to do 1 minute without gasping for breath! ...